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eating healthy balanced meals to keep blood sugar levels balanced

Make the time to eat takes discipline to eat balanced meals, especially when we are always in a hurry and busy. But, it is worth the trouble to take care of yourself.

I recommend preparing things in advance. I purchase food on Sunday's and will cut up carrot sticks, celery and cucumbers. You can either put them in water or zip lock bags. I'll also make a big pot of lentils and separate into containers to freeze and this usually lasts about 3-4 weeks.

A reminder to avoid eating white flour food and to always read labels. The amount of sugar is is hidden in many things that you least expect. Once you start this habit it will be 2nd nature.

GIVE UP SUGAR!! I went cold turkey since the episodes I was experiencing from inbalanced sugar levels were horrific it was was not difficult for took about 5 months for my body to adjust. Now if I am desperate and must have sugar, I will take one bite and that satisfies the craving. Be gentle with yourself and expect to experience withdrawal symptoms, understand what your experiencing.

I currently eat a high protein low carb diet. Only whole wheat toast (Sprouted) and at least a handful size of any type of protein with veggies. Brown rice or Quinoa. My snacks consist of apples with almond butter, or on rice crackers made of whole wheat. Cheese on whole wheat crackers, plain greek yogurt has the least amount of sugar, popcorn, sun chips, all types of nuts, wholewheat tortilla with free range butter, pieces of chicken and salad.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or need advice. Thanks, Kathleen

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